Saturday, August 25, 2012


After leaving Massachusetts, we traveled to Missouri to visit my husband's parents.  We all went to Branson, Missouri together, stayed in some cabins and went to Silver Dollar City, and also to a show down there.  It was really hot in Missouri- over 100 F every day (I think it got to 111 F once!) but we went out on a walk one evening after it had "cooled down" to 88 F or so.  We took these pics then.  Branson was really beautiful, with the green Ozarks all around. 

The kids loved visiting with their grandparents and did not want to leave!  They also had fun at Silver Dollar City and staying in the cabins- the pool was almost right by us. 
Silver Dollar City

We saw a Krispy Kreme and wanted to stop in since it's been probably 8 or so years since we've been to one, and some of our kids have never been!  Our kids got to watch the hot donuts come out of the oil and of course, get a free sample of one.  My five-year old is newly picky and refused to eat one, but maybe it's better that way.  Lol.  He didn't turn down a chocolate one dipped in sprinkles, though!

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