Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Homemade Wood-Fired Pizza

Many of the local homes here have an outdoor wood-burning oven.  Sometimes they are little stand-alone ones, or built into an outdoor cooking area.  One of our neighbors recently installed one in his yard, and constructed a nice little building for it, too, so that they can prepare food, cook and eat out there!  And a few weeks ago, he invited us over for a wood-fired pizza party.  Both families prepared a batch of dough and gathered some toppings and went to work.  The adults made the food while the kids from both families had a blast playing outside in their large yard.  In total, we made about 9 pizzas, each with a different combo of toppings.  It was so fun and the pizza was absolutely delicious.  Following are some photos of the fun.  (Some have captions underneath.)
Using the workspace right by the oven to prepare a pizza.
The pizza peel is ready.




About 1/3 of the pizzas we made.

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