Friday, September 10, 2010

Fairy Toast- Kid's Birthday Breakfast

I don't remember where I first saw this idea; maybe in a parenting magazine (which I think are usually cheesy and I hardly ever read, but obviously, sometimes there are good ideas in there!)  This Fairy Toast recipe originates in Australia, I think, and I'm not sure if I'm doing this the right way, but my kids love it.  I toast bread, and then spread butter on top, and immediatley cover the butter with small sprinkles.  This "recipe" is especially good if your child has a birthday that falls on a school day- it's quick and easy.  Make sure to use a whole grain bread.  :)

Fairy Toast (Sprinkle Toast)

1-2 pieces of your favorite bread
soft butter
tiny sprinkles

Toast bread, and immediately spread with soft butter.  Add the sprinkles right away, and serve.  :)

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curtis03 Lewis said...

This looks so beautiful and yum! I’ve never actually tried this ever. My daughter will love this. I was just going through some Chicago event venues for my birthday party and after seeing this; I have a great idea for the cake. Thanks a lot for sharing!