Thursday, April 19, 2012

France 2012

Of course, we always have to take at least one day trip to France whenever we visit Germany.  We went to the same town we've been to a few times before.  It's a beautiful town, filled with quaint houses and shops, many Patisseries and restaurants, and an old stone wall and fortress around the old part of the town.  This time around, we went into two fancy patrisserie shops and walked around the city.  It started hailing on us as we were circling the old city wall, so we took cover under a little area by a bridge.  In my next post, I'll focus on the food.  This one will just be scenery. 
The French love Easter as much as the Germans, judging from this cute park.  They had a large "Easter basket" with flowers planted inside.  Beyond that, there was a bunch of Easter decorations like bunnies and eggs with some flowers.
Love the chalkboard menus they had sitting out on the sidewalks in front of most restaurants.  Since this is a border town, everything was written in both French and German.  Also, this restaurant was smart and put plastic on their sign, since it was a wet day.
Love this cute little sign on the fish-mongers store.  Les Poissons!! 
We took a drive through the French countryside after touring the town.  My baby was getting fussy, so I got into the backseat with him and fed him tiny bits of delicious, buttery croissant all through the drive!  We bought the croissants at the same time we got some Eclairs from a Patisserie.  Best croissant ever!  (I had to finish the rest).

I loved how so many trees were in bloom.  It was such a beautiful day, even though the skies were gray.
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Linda said...

What great memories! How beautiful it must be there, when you enjoy it in spite of the hail. :)