Tuesday, April 17, 2012

German Food (Mainly Delicious Carbs!)

We always enjoy a ton of delicious food while in Germany.  We took the train one morning into the next village and ate pastries for breakfast.  :)  Above is a pic of one of our favorites- it's filled with a sweet ground nut filling.  My husband, daughter, and I all got those, while the boys chose chocolate-glazed donuts.  (They do that no matter what country we're in- sheesh!!)

We can't leave Germany without getting Döner kebabs!  The first pic is my husband's, which is a typical meaty one.  I like the meat (shown below on its vertical spit!), but opted to go veg this time in favor of the delicious, feta-like cheese they use in place of the meat.  That's my veggie one on the bottom.  I requested extra yogurt sauce.... yum. 

Another thing we ate was Schnizel, of course, but I forgot to take a pic.  However, it's the exact same dish at the same restaurant as the 1st photo in this post

We visited an Aldi's, and that is our haul, above.  Spatzle noodles, white chocolate, and Kinder eggs!  There was also a cool machine where you pressed a button & your choice of baguette or rolls would come out.  We chose the baguette!  (Below.)  My kids ate it for lunch with some Muenster cheese and loved it.  Oh, we also bought a flat of fresh strawberries.  That was fun for my husband to haul home on the train!

Where can one find chocolate-infused cream cheese spread?  Well, Germany, of course!!  :)  My Dad bought some of this for us to try and it was very good!!  We spread it on thick, hearty, German whole grain bread.  I forgot to take a picture.  :( 
When we weren't eating pastries for breakfast, we ate delicious, creamy, not-scared-to-be-full-fat, German yogurt for breakfast with homemade granola my mom had made.  The yogurt is soooo good!!  They have all kinds of flavors, and some cool seasonal ones too.  One of my favorites was "Apple Strudel & Vanilla Bean" flavor.  My kids loved the chocolate chip one, pictured above.
Even the Amusement park food is good in Germany.  We took a day trip to Europa Park, and ate lunch and dinner there instead of bringing food in.  The food was really, really good!  And not just for amusement park food!  It was just good food.  Pictured above is a salmon sandwich on a crusty roll with lettuce and crème fraîche.  The salmon was roasted over an open fire on wooden planks!!!  I was so excited about that!!!  Lol.  It was perfectly done too, and seasoned lightly, not overly salty or overcooked.

Below are some cute little bratwursts we got at the end of the day at the amusement park- we were tired and hungry and the whole family got one of these and everyone ate it without complaints.  It is 4 mini wursts together on a crusty roll, with spicy mustard on top.  The wursts tasted smoky and they were just so flavorful!!  We had such a wonderful trip- so much to see, do, and eat!!  We cannot wait to go back!

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JelliDonut said...

So much deliciousness in one blog post!

LadyJayPee said...

This is such fun to read about and see the photos, Dishies. I'm salivating! And wanting a bite. :)

What A Dish! said...

Thanks ladies!