Monday, May 19, 2014

Spaghettieis- German "Spaghetti Ice Cream"

In Germany, there is an ice-cream delicacy called Spaghettieis- there are ice cream parlors in towns that serve this, and other delicious ice cream treats.  It's just vanilla ice cream pressed through a machine, to resemble spaghetti noodles, and topped with red berry sauce (for the spaghetti sauce), and "shaved" white chocolate for Parmesan cheese.  I've never actually had real Spaghettieis, but have seen it in Germany a few times, and wanted to make it at home.  To make it at home, we pushed softened vanilla ice cream through our spaetzle press, pictured somewhere in that post.  
We actually made this on a day that our freezer got left open all night on accident.  We had softened ice cream on hand, a 1 and a half bags of frozen raspberries, totally thawed out.  It was perfect- we squeezed the ice cream out, topped it with the delicious raspberries and their juice, and grated a white chocolate bar on top using my microplane.  
Spaghettieis- German "Spaghetti Ice Cream"
by What A Dish!

vanilla ice cream, softened
frozen raspberries, thawed- juice and all
white chocolate bar
Equipment needed: Spaetzle press

1.  Press the ice cream through the Spaetzle press, into a bowl.  Top with totally thawed raspberries and their juice; top with grated white chocolate bar and serve immediately.  
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