Thursday, July 10, 2014

Italy Scenes and Buildings

We drove to a quaint little town and walked around, getting ice cream and later, dinner.  The building above is where we got the ice cream, and then sat outside.  It was such a cute building; I loved it!  The view below is the view from the outside seating where we ate our ice cream.  I love this town; we've looked at a few houses here but haven't decided yet.  
The next four pics are photos from around the main town here.  We took an afternoon with friends and walked around, got gelato again (of course) and ate dinner near the city square.  The 4th pic is of the city square.  

This is a countryside restaurant we didn't eat at, because they were full, but I thought it was beautiful.  Maybe one day we will eat there; I want to.  It's an "Agriturismo", or Farm house resort in the countryside.
The pic below is of a pizza oven; our first week here we had great pizza & gnocchi on the same day as we had ice cream in the colorful building at the beginning of this post.  I asked the waiter if I could take a pic of the pizza oven and he was happy to let me.  I need to do a post just on pizza!
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Linda said...

Beautiful place!

LadyJayPee said...

We stayed on an agriturismo (grapes & olives) near Orvieto and LOVED it! Love your blog tour guiding! <3

What a Dish! said...

OOoh, I'd love to stay at one!! I had to look up Orvieto- that's where they have the really good olives. (THat region of Italy.) Lucky!