Thursday, June 30, 2016

San Marino (the country)

Back in May, we went to the tiny country of San Marino for a day.  (We stayed at a beach town in Italy for a few nights and just took a day trip to San Marino.)  San Marino is a tiny country located within Italy, about 10 kilometers from the Adriatic coast.  It's located entirely on a little mountain. We drove up to the top and parked at either parking lot 6 or 7.  It was almost full, but we waited a few minutes and got a parking spot!  Miracle.  This was a cool, foggy day in May; I'd hate to see July or August.  We walked around the town, around one of the castle towers, and took in the views.

We stopped at a little outdoor market area with booths. At the honey stand, we sampled some honey, bought it, and asked the lady selling it where to find good food, since everything was so touristy. She recommended a place, we went, had good food, and were happy.  :)
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