Wednesday, February 20, 2013

T-Shirt Pillow

I've made T-shirt pillows for all of my kids out of their favorite outgrown T-shirts (except the baby).  The one above was made for  my daughter.  That was her fave shirt in Kindergarten (and she wore it for 2-3 years after that).  She's 10 now, and I finally, just a few months ago, stuffed it and made it into a pillow.

Making a T-shirt pillow is super easy.  Googling will give you detailed instructions (and T-shirt pillows that look way better than mine, ha ha!)  First, select a T-shirt.  Small children's T-shirts are easier to use because they are smaller; less to sew and less stuffing to insert.  Turn the shirt inside out, and sew the bottom and the two sleeves shut.  Turn right-side out again.  Insert filling of choice, such as craft polyester fiberfill stuffing.  Make sure to get some in the sleeves.  Pack more in than you think you need.  Sew the remaining hole (neck) closed, and you are done! 

Something I've seen online, but never done, is to use a pillow form for the inside.  Usually you don't use the sleeves when you do this, and I've never done it, so I won't advise.  They look really cool though.

My kids love their T-shirt pillows!  The problem is washing it; I'm scared to, since the stuffing is bunching up already with age.  This is probably when a pillow form would come in handy, instead of just the loose stuffing.  This is why my daughter doesn't actually sleep on hers; just has it on her bed for decoration.  :)

Have fun with this; my husband says now he wants one.  Lol!

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Sonya said...

That is adorable! such a great idea :)

LadyJayPee said...

That is such a great way to prolong the life of a favorite item.

What a Dish! said...

Thanks ladies. :)